ONW Media Success Stories


Boatman Kroos Vogel Group (BKV Group) is a one stop shop for building anything. The success that ONW Media shares with them is bringing their vibrant designs to life so the whole world can see them at the click of a button. Just take a look at some of their inspiring designs of buildings across the nation.


Wondering what a Paddletap is? Check out this totally custom website that goes along with Paddletap’s totally custom vision. Explore some of the richest lake scenes and have a few cocktails while your paddling yourself across some of Minnesota’s most beautiful bodies of water.


Cantilever Studio is one of Green Bay’s best residential home designers. Cantilever Studio and ONW Media work together to accommodate residents with easy ways to stay in touch while their new homes are being designed and constructed. Communication is key when it comes to customers, and ONW Media makes sure to keep you in touch with yours.


When the question arises if ONW Media can create a custom function to suit your business needs, just take a loot at Sahs Auto. ONW Media has created a custom interface for Sahs Auto to let a customer inspect and rent vehicles. Saving money and time through automation, let ONW Media bring your dreams to life.


Tribolt is a very unique company with a very particular set of skills. Success with them is the only mission and we strive to never leave a man behind. Honored they chose us to represent their web presence, we are bound by an oath never to utter of their existence. Just kidding, they are security firm wth a lot of secrets. We do their IT.


Steen Macek has been in business for over 79 years. Talk about success. Humbled by their ability to do business with so many customers we took on the task to build them something that could get even more of their products available to their consumers. Steen Macek got a little bit of everything we offer in design and functionality.


Pedretti Power Yoga is a great example of how ONW Media can integrate your current functions with new abilities. Pedretti Power Yoga already had a system for creating classes, managing clients, and keeping it convenient. Creating a responsive look for them that now can be used on mobile devices takes creating classes and convenience for signing up to the next level.


Titletown Fitness is a great example of how ONW Media can provide clients with a fresh web presence. Titletown was looking for a visual to add to their site and ONW created videos and images to give potential customers a better sense of what the club offered. Creating a new look with edgy photography and a YouTube channel with a matching aesthetic were focuses of the branding.