Once you start marketing, don’t stop.  It’s a big deal.

Continue to develop your online strategy, track what is happening, so you can look back and see what worked and what didn’t. Having these measurable results is extremely important to move forward in the digital age.

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Responsive Websites

In some facet businesses of all sizes use the web as a platform to deliver information or products to customers or potential customers. But how do you know how they will access this information. This is the single issue that makes responsive website design so powerful. Will it be on their TV? On the train home surfing the web from their tablet? Sitting in traffic scrolling on their smart phone?

It is important to know exactly how customers are accessing your brand’s information.  Your customers want your brand info and they want it to work with whatever device they choose to view it on.

With that being said, let’s jump in….


Mobile Device Failure

Failure of a device to display
 properly is not just a small issue.
This is a deciding factor for many
customers or potential
customers. If I’m in the grocery
store and I pull up a brands
website and see small text, this 
is impractical and frustrating for
customers. This person may not
 choose your brand because of a bad experience on your website.

So, what goes through a customer’s mind and what are they expecting to see when they view your information from a device.


The web has changed over the years and it is still growing in how it should be handled to interact with customers.

When your website doesn’t work and it isn’t responsive, what happens to your customer?

That customer just had a bad brand experience and it doesn’t take many of those to drive your potential customers to your competition.

Bad Experience = Sour Taste

badtasteSo what a user had a bad experience, plenty of fish in the sea right. Well let’s just say that 50% of your customers just got a new smartphone over the holidays.

That might be a lot of visitors to your website, but regardless 50% of people having a bad experience on your website is a huge deal. Especially when you have a competitor who has adapted their website to work with mobile devices.

This loss of brand integrity is definitely a pain point. It has now established a stigma with your could have been customer as seeing that you don’t care if they can’t access the information they need. It shows them that it isn’t important for them to view your businesses information.

So looking at the opposite end of the spectrum, what happens when a potential customer has a good experience?

Most customers that are browsing on a mobile device are more likely to purchase from your website.

Mobile Statistics

According to 
sources at
in 2011 Mobile
devices made up
 4.51% of total
website traffic.
In 2012, in Q3
 mobile device
traffic made up 10.03% of total website traffic.

This is a significant jump and is likely to continue. This data is impossible to ignore. It is going to continue to grow

exponentially over the next year, but the question is, are you ready. More importantly, is your website ready?

Check them out and download their EQ3 report for a more detailed look at industry results for ecommerce. This is a great place to see some of the trends that the national/global statistics.


Building Blocks

So how do you prepare for building a responsive website? Start by thinking simply. What is most important to mobile users? Do you use Google analytics on your website? If you do, you can find out exactly what people are after on your website, and how they are

accessing it. This gives you the first insight into what is important to your mobile customers.

No responsive web isn’t just about the mobile experience, it is more than that. Your business website is important


across all facets no matter what device, yes this includes desktops and laptops. In order to have a well-rounded user experience, responsive websites are the way to go. This ensures that information is accessible on all devices.

So what are some steps you can take to become responsive?

  1. Get on the web and see what your competitors are doing. If they don’t have a mobile solution, you are one step ahead of them.
  2. Get a free consultation from ONW Media.
  • Start delivering consistent results to your customers and potential customers. This is your business and taking control of the way you deliver them.