Brand Experience

Brand experience is all about the consumer. The living, breathing person, which is going to use and love your brand. This doesn’t happen by chance, it is carefully planned and executed with style. This is extremely important as your customers find you and they see consistency across the board right away.

One example could be a yoga studio with a beautiful studio that is a true haven. However without a significant online presence, that relationship is not as strong with your customer. They become loyal when their experience is carried through from start to finish. Consistency is key in every step on the consumer to product road map.

ONW Media, Inc. can help your brand experience by:

  • Planning Ahead
    Through careful planning ONW Media, Inc. will dive deep into your customers psyche and truly find a brand experience that meets your brands needs. Being able to see ahead to every aspect of your customers interaction with your brand is key. Planning for each scenario your brand will encounter with your customers.
  • Re-define your target market
    Think you’ve got them figured out? ONW Media, Inc. does target market analysis with your target market both before the rebrand and after. These results are shared with you to show exactly how the changes will affect your brand experience.
  • Baby steps
    Taking time to carefully develop your brand experience is a multi-faceted project that takes time, and the patients is well worth the reward. There may be several revisions put together to come to the best option.
  • Update marketing materials
    Once your brand is re-focused, your new materials must be put together that you will be interacting with your customer with. These include the standard corporate identity package (i.e business cards, letterheads, envelopes, sales folders, note pads, pens, coffee mugs and even monkeys, yes is said monkeys)
  • Keep revisiting every year
    Remember the why, it’s about the customer, and they change from year to year. As they change, so do their mentalities and habits. What worked a year ago, may not work now.

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